Here you can find answers to some of the more frequently asked questions. If you still have any enquiries, please contact us and we will do our best to help at the earliest convenience.

When will you have Excavator Mugs back in stock?
We have a lot of great feedback from the 1st drop of mugs, investigating alternate manufacturers and working on re-stocking as soon as possible. 

When will you have Water Tower Water Bottles back in stock?
We are making a few minor adjustments and hoping to have some back in stock as soon as possible.

Will you have any other products/merch available?
We are working on a few new ideas and looking to add to the range of clothing. Will announce in Ashville Weekly and on the store as soon as confirmed.

Where can I buy the Ashville Uniform/High Vis Jackets Daniel/the team wear?
Unfortunately, at the moment we don’t sell any Ashville branded High Vis clothing or the staff uniform. 

Can I come to the Ashville Yard and buy the merch?
We're not currently legally allowed to have general public visit the site or accept payment for merch. Orders are also now being fulfilled by a 3rd party.

Why are you not Shipping Internationally Overseas?
Due to the number of customs and shipping issues we have encountered we have decided to remove International Shipping. We are investigating and will hopefully be providing International Shipping again at some point this year.

I've Seen Ashville Hoodies/Clothing on Amazon/eBay/other sites, are you selling anywhere else?
Unfortunately, there are a number of illegal, cheap, counterfeit products popping up. They are NOT official Ashville Merch and we can't even be sure they are sending anything to anyone who buys from them. We have noticed these sites/users constantly pop up and disappear in a matter of weeks. The only place you can buy any genuine Ashville products from atm is

I have made a purchase and there is a problem with my Order, how do I contact you?
Please use the Contact Us form and make sure you include your Order Number.

I ordered an Ashville Umbrella and something else, why do they have different tracking numbers and arriving separately?
To keep postage costs down we are sending Umbrellas in a large tube via a different courier while at the same time not taping items together; which would reduce costs but increase chances of items getting lost.

I just bought an XXXX, can Daniel sign it?
Unfortunately, as all products are stored, packed and shipped by a 3rd party we are unable to get Daniel to sign any of the orders.

I want a quote for XXXX?
For anything business related to Ashville AggregatesConcreteConstruction or Waste Management pls check the appropriate site:

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